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Sapphire Watch Glass Crystal Datejust 41mm Rolex Cyclops 32.65mm 25-318-CAR

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This is a high quality sapphire crystal for Rolex DateJust 41mm models.
The cyclops has blue AR coating (anti reflective) and correct magnification of x2.5 (see date photo).

DateJust II Models:
116300, 116331, 116333, 116334, 126300, 126301, 126303, 126331, 126333, 126334

Day-Date 40
228206, 228235, 228238, 228239, 228345, 228348

Its comes complete with gasket - standard size 2.6mm

Sealed in dust-free packaging

Diameter: 32.65mm
Gasket size: 2.6mm

Whats included (pictured):
1 x Crystal 25-318-CAR

This is an aftermarket part not made by Rolex.