Japanese Miyota 8215 Automatic Watch Movement Review

Japanese Miyota 8215 Automatic Watch Movement Review

The Miyota 8215 is a widely used movement in alot of automatic movement watches. It can be found in a range of Citizen, Invicta and also other popular watch brands. After i had played with a range of clone movements. I wanted to build a watch using a genuine Mitoya 8215 watch. Features including a sweeping second hand and smooth date. Built in Japan these movements have a feel of quality when working with.

Being a genuine Japanese movement you think it will scream costly however it comes it at a great competitive price. It costs between £45 from us. It is a solid movement to use and when working with the parts feel great, the Miyota 8215 runs at a 21,600 bph (6 bps) making it great for vintage style builds.

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Miyota 8215 Technical Specification

These specification are taken from the Mitoya movements website

Movement Miyota 8215
Beats Per Hour 21,600 bph
Beats Per Second 6
Diameter 26 mm
Height 5.67 mm
Hour Hand 1.52 mm (1.50 mm fits)
Minute Hand 1.00 mm
Second Hand 0.17 mm


Miyota 8215 Stem and Movement Holder

When you receive the parts it comes with a temporary stem which can be used while building the watch. Additionally supplied is the stem to use with your crown and also a movement holder which supports the dial.

Back and Miyota 8215 Stem Removal

Stem removal on the 8215 is super smooth and easy. You press the little pin marked with the golden arrow and you can pull the stem out - make sure you remove the stem in the winding position. When you want to return the stem you just need to push in gently. Now one negative about this movement is the rotor and the sound it gives off. It is know to naturally be a nosier movement so bare this in mind for builds.

Close Up and Date Wheel

On this close up of the 8215 you can see the date wheel, its an excellent print date wheel and its so smooth when moving. When using the stem on this watch to change it feels so smooth you can see the clear quality difference over clones. The date font is clear and easy to read. It is also easy to apply a date wheel overlay to this movement.

Dial Hands

The dial hands on the 8215 are 1.52mm for the hour hands but a 1.50mm will fit. The minute hand is a 0.90mm and the 0.17 for the second hand. This movement is the perfect size on these again the quality of the exact sizing makes so much difference when applying the right size hands. One thing to note is the 8215 is non-hacking, meaning the second hand never stops moving even when the crown is in the 3rd position.