Compare 2813 vs 2836 Automatic Mechanical Clone Watch Movement

Compare 2813 vs 2836 Automatic Mechanical Clone Watch Movement

Comparing the 2813 and 2836 movements you can clearly see some similarity between them. The date position sites above the movement making both of these easy to fit a date wheel overlay as they clear the top of the movement.

Now on the price, the 2813 is about 1/3 of the cost of the 2836. The 2813 movement is 21,600 bph (6 bps) however the 2836 is a 28,800 bph (8 bps) movement. The price point comes from the high beats from the 2836 movement. Making the 2836 movement a lot smoother.

2813 vs 2836 Technical Specification

Below outlined is the tech specification comparing the both movements together including hand sizes, beats and features

Movement 2813 Clone 2836 Clone
Beats Per Hour 21,600 bph 28,800 bph
Beats Per Second 6 8
Diameter 25.6 mm 25.6 mm
Height 5.4 mm 5.05 mm
Hour Hand 1.52 mm 1.50 mm
Minute Hand 1.00 mm 0.90 mm
Second Hand 0.17 mm 0.25 mm
Feature Day Day / Date

2813 vs 2836 Stem Removal

Pictured is the back of the 2813 - Removal of the stem on this movement is easier than the 2836. You have the crown in winding position then and press the little hole (with yellow arrow) with tweezer just a just pull the stem out. On the 2836 movement pictured (right) you must use a small screwdriver and gently push into the gap. The rotor noise is quicker on the 2836 movement however it is still noisy. The noise on the 2818 is a lot nosier.

Close Up and Date Wheel

From both the close ups you can see the 2838 (right) has a day function also which is the larger benefit over the 2813 movement if a day feature is required. The date feature in on both movements and works very similar. The Rolex date font between 1 and 19 on the 2813 it seems to drop to San Serif font making it a bit strange however the 2836 movement i have here is a basic font style.

One benefit of the 2813 movement is it is similar height to the 2836 movement with the date wheel above the movement making it easier to apply a date wheel overlay.

Dial Hands

While the size of the hour hand will fit on both movements. The size of the minute hand and second hands are different. The minutes hand only has a small difference but using a 2836 minute hand will flow freely. Its best to purchase the correct hand size. It is alot easier to apply the second hand onto the 2836 movement (right) as it is 0.25mm vs 0.17mm on the 2813 movement. It may not seem a big difference but alot more skill is required.