Asian 2824 Date Automatic Mechanical Clone Watch Movement

Asian 2824 Date Automatic Mechanical Clone Watch Movement

The Asian 2824 movement with date function is one of the common movements found in homage watches. It has sweep second and date feature. Its a medium quality build product and at a price point on which it can be used in many builds.

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This movement is 28,800 bph (8 bps) the same as many high end brands and popular watches on the market. Being a medium cost automatic watch movement you can buy these for around £26 from us. It makes the price great for a custom build.

2824 Technical Specification

Im going to give you the standard specification for the 2824 movement however it best to check the specification when purchasing.

Movement 2824 Clone
Beats Per Hour 28,800 bph
Beats Per Second 8
Diameter 25.6 mm
Height 4.6 mm
Hour Hand 1.50 mm
Minute Hand 0.90 mm
Second Hand 0.25 mm


Back and 2824 Stem Removal

On the back of the 2824 you see the visible rotors. Its not the quietest movement but also not the noise movement. It is a bulk made clone so some of these movements are not as good as other ones. To remove the stem use a small screwdriver and push into the whole above the stem go gently and do no push too hard and pull the stem out. Its best to remove the stem in the winding position.

Close Up and Date Wheel

You can see a close up of the data wheel on the 2824 movement. The date wheel is a very standard print and is not close to date font used in Rolex models. The date Wheel is lower on the 2824 movement and actually sits just below the top this makes it hard to use a DWO (Date wheel overlay) as it will rub on top of the movement

Dial Hands

When doing my own reach i did not find much about fitting hands on the 2824 movement and i also did not see any close up photos here showing a close up. The hour hand is a 1.50 mm size and is easy to apply with hand presser tools (see my tools), same for the minute hand with a size of 0.90 mm you can fit with hand presser. The second hand is easier to apply also with a size of 0.25mm but you will need a magnification to be able to put the second hand on.